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Help us to assist families with their rent and utility bills

¡Apoyemos a nuestra comunidad en estos momentos muy difíciles!

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COVID-19 has impacted our economy in a variety of ways. Many local families continue facing economic uncertainty as a result of business closures, layoffs, and lost wages.

In response to this crisis, El Centro Hispano has created the COVID19 Housing and Utility Assistance Fund to help prevent homelessness, and maintain housing stability of individuals and households impacted by COVID-19.

This fund aims to support and strengthen at-risk Hispanic/Latinx families who need help with their rent/mortgage and utilities, with priority given to those who:

  • Do not qualify for government assistance; and/or
  • Have partially or entirely lost income due to COVID-19; and/or
  • Have multiple children and will be forced to stay home due to virtual learning; and/or
  • Are in a high-risk group (pre-existing condition, surgery, pregnant, age 65+), adding a substantial burden to families; and/or
  • Families who may need assistance in meeting their needs during this crisis.

Help us to provide much-needed resources to families who may be economically disadvantaged during this time. Support your neighbors by donating to the COVID19 Housing and Utility Assistance Fund.

Thank you for your support during these past months. Only together, as a community, we will be able to overcome these challenging times and also to tackle its profound consequences. More than ever, everyone’s contribution matters.